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What Is a Property Tax?

 Local taxing authorities, or counties, charge residential and commercial property owners a tax based on the value of their property. They use this money to pay for a number of public programs in your local community. Road construction, police and fire departments, parks and recreation, sidewalks, and traffic lights are just a few of the areas your tax dollars are spent. 

The Earlier The Better

 October 1st marks the beginning of the collection period for property taxes. Tax bills for the upcoming year are mailed out by the tax assessor. This period is critical in determining whether or not you can afford to pay your taxes. Taking advantage of our property tax relief program early will ensure that your account doesn’t incur large interest penalties. 

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 We understand that people sometimes find themselves in tough financial situations. When you work with us, you are not incurring new debt, you are simply partnering with a lender who will help relieve your existing debt. It is our goal to help borrower’s understand their options so they can make informed decisions and quickly get back on their feet. 

Importance Of Payment

Taxes Due January 31st


The last day to pay your taxes before they are considered delinquent is January 31st. If you are unable to pay your taxes by the deadline, the county will begin penalizing you by charging interest on your unpaid balance. The chart to the left shows how these penalties can quickly take a $10,000 property tax bill to over $14,000 in just a few short months.


Foreclosure of Your Home


If the county is still unable to collect your unpaid property taxes after charging you penalties and interest, they can foreclose on your home. To pay off the amount you owe, the county can take your home from you, sell it, and then use the funds to satisfy your debt. This, of course, is a last resort, but it happens too often, leaving people without a home.


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